The World’s Scariest Observation Decks and Viewing Platforms

When it comes to traveling, beauty often comes with a price. This is particularly true when you take a look at these scary observation decks, offering stunning views in exchange for your apparent safety. Once you get over the anxiety, you might actually be able to enjoy the panoramic views from these scary viewing platforms. 

From tall mountains to deep canyons, towering cliffs to cavernous abysses, some of the best attractions demand more than just your passport and a plane ticket. Hold your breath and hold on to your seat as you look at this list of the world’s craziest observation platforms. Sure, you might be safe at your desk right now, but just thinking about some of these viewing decks might send you over the edge. So vote up the most precarious observation decks and leave us a comment if you’ve been to one of these death-defying attractions.

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The World’s Scariest Observation Decks and Viewing Platforms

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